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Bankruptcy Law Changes

Changes in Bankruptcy Laws in 2005 Effect Filers

Experienced Avondale Bankruptcy Attorneys

Since the 2005 bankruptcy law changes, it has become more difficult for Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise,  and residents all over Central Arizona and the Phoenix Metro Area to file for bankruptcy protection under the bankruptcy code.  Several laws and methods were changed back in 2005 and additional changes to bankruptcy codes continue to evolve.  Experienced bankruptcy lawyers like those at My AZ Lawyers in Avondale, AZ can help you decipher the changes and interpretations of the current bankruptcy codes.

More individuals, couples, and even businesses are attempting to file for bankruptcy on their own with do-it-yourself kits.  These self filers, not realizing the bankruptcy law changes, end up regretting the decision of not hiring a local bankruptcy lawyer.  There are various types of bankruptcies which is one of the many reasons why it is so essential to choose the right Avondale or Peoria, AZ bankruptcy attorney who will provide the kind of experience you need to handle your particular case.

Filing for chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy can mean the difference between saving your home or foreclosure.  There are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy in Avondale, Arizona. Each chapter of bankruptcy comes with its own set of requirements in order to qualify for the particular bankruptcy chapter that you may seek.  The bankruptcy law changes from 2005 have effects on those filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix and surrounding communities in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Other benefits to filing bankruptcy in Arizona include: filing bankruptcy can stop garnishments, discharge medical bills, and end harassing phone calls from creditors.  Our clients often find that after filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy that they have room in their budget and they breathe easier knowing their debts are behind them.

The important part is to make sure that you seek the assistance of a professional debt relief agent or bankruptcy attorney when filing for bankruptcy protection.  The bankruptcy law changes and ever-changing exemptions and requirements make the assistance of an experienced lawyer a very good idea.

My AZ Lawyers, PLLCIf you are being harassed by creditors or face the loss of wages to a garnishment or the loss of your home to a foreclosure, Our Avondale, Surprise, and Glendale, AZ bankruptcy lawyers can help.  Our trusted bankruptcy lawyers will take the time to understand your personal situation and help you make the right decision. That decision may be working with a debt reduction service, negotiating with creditors, obtaining a loan modification, converting a short sale, or even filing a lawsuit to stop foreclosure.

Our Avondale, Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers at My AZ Lawyers, PLLC understand that declaring personal bankruptcy is not an easy decision for you and your family.  Let our experienced bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys help you with your financial situation and tough decisions. Our bankruptcy law firm offers evening and weekend appointments, low legal fees, same day bankruptcy consultations, and helpful attorneys and staff.  Call today and set up a FREE Initial Consultation and Debt Evaluation to determine the best course of action for your financial situation.

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